Helix Thread Ease Hair Removal System Review

Threading has grown in popularity over the past couple years with many salons offering this type of hair removal solution. Originating from the middle east, threading especially eyebrow threading is one of the most requested services at salons across North America.

Helix ThreadEase Review
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There may be a possibility that salons in your area do not offer threading services so why not do it yourself? You actually can with this little threading tool called the Helix ThreadEase.

The Helix ThreadEase is quite a nifty little tool that replicates the threading motion that the salon use. By twisting and running the thread, you will remove unwanted hair in the areas that you are always waxing and tweezing.

What is included with the kit:

- 2 Patented Helix ThreadEase Threading Tools
- Carry bag,
- 1 Spool of thread

You can now remove unwanted facial and body hair anytime at home without needing to find a salon that offers this service and making an appointment.

The Helix ThreadEase tools works great on removing unwanted hair from your chin, cheeks, upper lib, eyebrows an other part of your body. It is quick an easy to do as this patented hair removal tool. As with anything practice DOES make perfect. You will need to practice on another part of your body to get a hang of the tool. Once you do, you will be threading like a pro.

One of the advantages of threading is that the majority of the hair follicle is pulled out making hair regrowth much longer than waxing or tweezing.

Threading has become the most preferred method of hair removal as most photographers request that models do hair removal using threading.

Review from a customer:

I bought this because I don't like tweezing my eyebrows and I am used to threading since forever. It's very easy to use, use it 2 times and you will get the hang of it. Before buying this, I always went to a professional. Since I bought this I can do my eyebrows right at home and it hardly takes more than 10 min altogether. I bought this in 2013 and it still works perfectly! - By Amazon Customeron May 11, 2017

The Helix ThreadEase works on any type of hair and color. As mentioned earlier it will take a little getting used to but after a couple of tries, there will be no turning back. You will love it.

Get your own Helix ThreadEase hair removal tool and start threading like a pro and get rid of your unwanted hair! There are 2 colors available: Red and Black. Choose yours below.

Helix ThreadEase Review

Helix ThreadEase Hair Removal - Red

Helix Threadease Black review

Helix ThreadEase Hair Removal - Black

Watch this video below about how to use the Helix ThreadEase hair removal tool:

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