Eyebrow Threading vs Waxing

Women have always been aware of their beauty and have felt the need to take care of themselves. From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth there have been women whose beauty secrets have been the talk of the world and not just the town.

Facial and body hair are unwanted and women prefer getting rid of them.

Eyebrow threading vs waxing

There are the eyebrows to think of. Eyebrows come in all shapes and thickness. Some have thick luscious brows, while others lack the bushy growth. Eyebrows are threaded to shape them. The length is trimmed using a pair of scissors. Hair usually grows back within ten to fifteen days. Threading hence is required twice a month. You can make an appointment with an eyebrow threading salon near you and let them take care of your brows. This way you can avoid being made to wait.

Since eyebrows come in variety of shapes it is possible to trim and pluck them to the desired look. However, sometimes you may take off too much on one side and end up with something that you did not desire. In any case, no woman would want to walk around with Hitler-like eyebrows.

Waxing is better suited for the rest of the body. Body hair can be thick and long. Removal is painful. But when women wear clothes that expose their arms and legs, it is best to keep them hair-less. A gorilla in a Calvin Klein wouldn’t be as pleasing to the eye as a clean, hairless woman is. Women were created to look beautiful.

Get the professional esthetician to do the waxing. Arms and legs as well as the underarms are the mostly waxed areas. At the onset of summer when people start visiting the swimming pool and beaches, go for a bikini-line waxing. There are creams and ointments to remove body hair. Waxing has its advantages. Over time women see less hair growth and also longer growth time. Epilators also do the task but they can be painful to many.

None of the removal methods are painless except for the razor. Use of razor throughout one’s life time has side effects. Use of ointments too has their side effects. They contain chemical that may in the long run change the color or texture of the skin.

Waxing has no such side effects on the skin. There are two types: cold and hot wax. Hot wax is melted wax that is slathered on to the skin in thin layers. Using strips, this wax is pulled out after its set firmly in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Cold wax is wax at room temperature.

The other difference between waxing and other removal methods such as shaving and depil are that waxing removes a hair from its roots. Shaving and depil remove only from the surface. Hence waxed arms take longer to regrow the hair. It also doesn’t change the skin color over time.

Eyebrows are visibly thick and make a difference to the appearance. Trimmed and shaped eyebrows look clean and taken care of. It enhances the look and waxing also has the same effect. But for the eyebrows, threading is much more effective and achieves your desired look than waxing could ever do. Waxing is better for larger areas like the legs.

As the eyebrows require closer attention, threading is the better option. It is quick and the finished look is more defined.